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Having just spent a sensational weekend with a bunch of friends riding Mounts Hotham and Buffalo in Victoria’s picturesque alpine region.  I found myself trying to explain to non-cycling friends why we do it. Fitness, the challenge, self abuse, camaraderie? Elements of all of these things are of course part of the experience. A friend currently touring France with his family, sent through a link to a Rapha video (they make as many videos as they do cycling garments). It is a promo for a ride that Phil Deeker is running. The video is great but while he narrates it and promotes the challenge, a thought was forming in my mind. These events or activities hold you in the ‘now’ like nothing else.  By being totally present on every level, you are as alive as you can ever be. So much of our daily activity is designed to prepare for future events or review past ones. Any activity (it doesn’t have to be extreme) that focuses all five senses on being present in the moment connects you to living. A swim, yoga class,  What did you do today that made you feel alive?