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Lance answers questions at the TDU Dinner 2010.

“Mr Armstrong, have you ever used performance enhancing drugs?”
“I have never failed a drug test”

Leadership is a nefarious beast. It’s essence is often hard to pin down however, if we have experienced it and then lose it, the loss is keenly felt.

Lance Armstrong’s very public fall from grace highlights that leadership is qualitative as much as quantitative. Lance’s leadership was the most fundamental: leadership by example.

He provided a benchmark by which millions of people measured their sporting and health objectives. He truly inspired on a global scale and carried the burden of responsibility that accompanies such a role.

Truly great leaders are human.
Truly great leaders make mistakes.
Truly great leaders demonstrate the core qualities by the manner in which they manage their fallibility and grow from it.

I wonder how Lance will manage his leadership responsibilities in the wake of the UCI’s upholding of the USA’s life ban?
Your move Lance.